Friday, 13 November 2009

Apple sauce and a polenta cake

I wondered what to post since I hadn't eaten in the house even once today, so I thought I'd just do a quick one showing what else I've done with the apples that I didn't think warranted a full post (NaBloWriMo makes you think on your feet).

I made four jars of apple sauce and used a water bath to sterilise them for the first time (thanks to my brand new stock pot from Lakeland!). I intend to make, amongst other things, David Lebowitz's granola, Tartelette's apple and vanilla souffle and Orangette's apple bundt cake.

I also made a Bolegnese apple and polenta cake from Jamie's Italy. I love this book, but I wasn't convinced by this particular cake. Jamie described it in clafoutis terms but mine turned out with a rather rubbery texture-I may have cooked it too long but in that case I blame his cooking temperature/times! In any case, what attracted my to recipe was the use of polenta, having previously made an amazing orange and polenta cake, but I couldn't really taste its use in this recipe. I still have plenty of apples so may try to make my own apple and polenta cake that is more to my taste.

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