Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rabbits, buttery apple cake and a savoury apple tart

To illustrate the scale of the apple "problem" I had two rabbit assistants..

I've already broken my NaBloWriMo promise and haven't really got the time tonight, but just so I don't break it for a third day in a row(!), here's two apple recipes I've tried from the blogosphere. I'll be back tomorrow with some recipes of my own!

Firstly I made Melissa's Buttery Apple Cake-Tart from The Traveler's Lunchbox. I love this website, and this cake made me love it even more. It really is like a hassle-free, upside-down tart-so easy and tasty! Some recipes you just know you will be following again and again, and this is one of those recipes. I ate mine with Chantilly Cream.

I also made Heart of Light's Savoury Apple Tart. I added fried diced pancetta and lemon thyme, and used Lancashire cheese. It was nice, but it was rather sweet-savoury, so be sure you like that sort of thing before you make it!

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